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"TV History is Made!"

The viewers of ABC's "Whose Line is it Anyway" were given a very special treat on the evening of November twenty-first, as Sid Caesar made a triumphant return to primetime television. The 79-year-old comedy icon made his first appearance in two decades, and did not disappoint. Sid received a standing ovation and the respect and admiration of the "Whose Line" cast, as well as, audiences everywhere. After the episode aired we were flooded by messages wishing Sid well. Here are a few letters, which we would like to share:

Sid Caesar; Saw you on "Whose Line Is It", and you are BETTER THAN EVER. Your Japanese is so good we wanted Sushi later. Happy Birthday !!!!!
-Jack & Dee Kestler

It was truly a treat to watch the legendary Mr. Caesar on last week's episode of "Whose Line". Foreign Film Dub was the perfect skit to show his true talent to us. Even at age 79, he can still make me laugh. He outdid Drew Carey, but he gave him a good challenge. I'm proud to say how much he has brought joy to my life with his brilliant comedic wit. Even in the 21st century, MR. SID CAESAR is an American treasure. !!! The memories are always with me from the golden days of TV to his appearances in film and variety programs and they are truly treasured in my heart. God Bless You!!!

Mr. Caesar, I saw you Thursday night on Whose Line Is It Anyway, and you proved that the truly great ones never loose it. I've loved you since I was a kid and watched you on Your Show of Shows. You made me laugh then and you still make me laugh. You have brought so much happiness to so many including myself, and for that I would like to say THANK YOU and may God bless you with many more years of health and happiness. We love you.
-Philip J. Di Marco

Dear Sid, Thank you so much for the entertainment you have provided me from "Your Show Of Shows" to last night's "Whose Line Is It?" I saw you in person in San Francisco in "Little Me" the next night after you had broken your arm and did the play in a cast. You are living proof that "the show must go on!" To me and many others you are one of the greatest comedians ever.
-Bob Ramsdell Magalia, CA

It was great seeing you on television again. My girlfriend and I were talking about the Greats and you are one of them...please rethink your retirement and show these young bubs how it's done.

Great to see you on "Whose Line . . ." You're a National Treasure! You've been my idol my entire life and once again made me laugh. Job well done! Happy belated birthday! :-)

Dear Sid: Watched you with Drew Carey last night on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" You were terrific! Your linguistic skills are superb! I know a few people who can do a pretty good imitation of one foreign language, but the way you went between French and German and Russian was a kick! Totally believable because it was so well done. You certainly made chopping onions and celery for our Thanksgiving dressing a whole lot more fun! Happy Birthday and many more. I hope we see more of you in the near future.
-Margaret W. Roberts

What a joy it was to see you on the Drew Carey show this evening. It brought back so many wonderful memories of my family, all of which are all gone now. We would sit around the television and laugh till we had tears in our eyes. Each week we waited for your show. Seeing you tonight made my heart feel warm. We had love in our home and you were part of it. I hope you have had as much happiness in your life as you have spread throughout the world. You certainly deserve it. God Bless You.

Wishing Sid Cesar a very Happy Birthday! I very much enjoyed seeing you on Drew Carey's show. Hearing you speak "French", "German", etc. was just a great walk down memory lane for me. Remembering when I was a young person babysitting and watching your wonderful show. TV has never been able to match what you and your group of actors did in the '50's. Thanks again and wishing you good wishes.
-Joyce Huston

Sid was truly touched by all of the well wishes he has received after the show aired. At 79-years-old, Sid proved that his wit and timing is just as sharp as it's ever been and that he still remains one of the funniest men on earth. Thank you so much for all your love and support. Check back soon for Sid's personal response to his fans.